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Hugh Jackman: I went commando, it's the Australian way

Source: Movie Balla | May 22 2014, 10:14am CDT | by Bang Showbiz

Hugh Jackman: I went commando, it's the Australian way
Hugh Jackman went commando in 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' because it's the Australian way. The 45-year-old actor - who...
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SR Geek Picks: ‘Avengers 1′ Trailer Ultron Style, Walking as a Woman in ‘Skyrim’ & More

Nov 3 2014 12:22pm CST | Source: Screen Rant

Today you'll find a mashup trailer of The Room and 2001; what sex would be like if it was similar to Call of Duty; classic cars on the big screen; and Wolverine dancing li ...
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Death of Wolverine: 7 Wolverine Replacements

Oct 23 2014 6:00am CDT | Source: ign

Who has what it takes to replace the Ol' Canucklehead? With Wolverine dead, we pick out some lik ...
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Witherspoon's nude scenes make her daughter feel 'weird'
Los Angeles, Nov 28 (IANS) Actress Reese Witherspoon says her nude scenes in her forthcoming movie "Wild" embarrassed her daughter Ava. | by IANS
Shia LaBeouf raped by a woman?
Los Angeles, Nov 28 (IANS) Actor Shia LaBeouf has claimed that he was raped by a woman during his week-long #IAMSORRY performance art installation here earlier this year. | by IANS
Depp finds meeting expectations after 'Pirates...' tough
Los Angeles, Nov 28 (IANS) After a string of flop films like "Transcendence" and "The Lone Ranger", actor Johnny Depp says it is difficult to live up to the success of his "Pirates of the Caribbean" film franchise. | by IANS

Simon Kinberg talks X-Men: Apocalypse

Sep 29 2014 12:43am CDT | Source: Total Film

Simon Kinberg has provided an update on X-Men: Apocalypse, clarifying a couple of timeline issues and explaining where exactly the franchise goes next. “The thrust of Apocalypse is really to complete the trilogy we began with First Class – to complete the stories of young Raven, young Hank, younger Charles and Erik, and complete this trilogy of four people who began the films sort of disparate and in different worlds.” “So that’ll be t ...
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Hugh Jackman in favour of Wolverine prequel

Source: Movie Balla | May 19 2014, 10:08am CDT | by Bang Showbiz

Hugh Jackman in favour of Wolverine prequel
Hugh Jackman thinks there should be a 'Wolverine' prequel. The actor has already considered the fate of his clawed...
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X-Men: Days of Future past was logistical nightmare

Source: Movie Balla | May 13 2014, 10:16am CDT | by Bang Showbiz

X-Men: Days of Future past was logistical nightmare
Simon Kinberg claims 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' almost didn't happen. The producer-and-screenwriter has revealed he...
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Channing Tatum for X-Men?

Source: Movie Balla | Apr 16 2014, 2:20am CDT | by Bang Showbiz

Channing Tatum for X-Men?
Channing Tatum would ''die'' for a role in 'X-Men'. The '21 Jump Street' star has admitted he's been meeting with...
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Hugh Jackman teases X-Men 'fun'

Source: Movie Balla | Sep 19 2013, 12:12am CDT | by Bang Movies

Hugh Jackman teases X-Men 'fun'
Hugh Jackman's Wolverine will have ''fun'' with Michael Fassbender's Magneto in 'X-Men: Days of Future Past'. The actor...
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Hugh Jackman hints he will retire as Wolverine

Source: Movie Balla | Sep 13 2013, 4:10am CDT | by Bang Movies

Hugh Jackman hints he will retire as Wolverine
Hugh Jackman has suggested he may retire from playing Wolverine. The actor has played the claw-wielding superhero a...
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