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Ben Whishaw to voice Paddington Bear

Source: Movie Balla | Jul 18 2014, 3:26am CDT | by Bang Showbiz

Ben Whishaw to voice Paddington Bear
Ben Whishaw is to voice Paddington Bear in the upcoming animation film 'Paddington', following Colin Firth's admission earlier this year that he couldn't find the right tone of voice for the character.
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Ben Whishaw Replaces Colin Firth as the Voice of ‘Paddington’

Jul 17 2014 7:30pm CDT | Source: slash film

After assisting James Bond in 2012′s Skyfall, Ben Whishaw is stepping up to aid another British icon. He’s just been cast as the voice of the title character in Paddington, one month after Colin Firth dropped out. Get more details after the jump. The Daily Mail reported on the casting. The news comes just a few months before Paddington is due to hit theaters in the U.K., on November 28. (It arrives December 25 here in the U.S.) Firth had been attached to voic ...
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Rita Ora kept forgetting Fifty Shades of Grey lines
Rita Ora kept forgetting Fifty Shades of Grey lines
Rita Ora admits she had to have someone saying her lines through an earpiece because she kept forgetting her words. | by Bang Showbiz
Chris Pratt unsure of playing a superhero
Chris Pratt unsure of playing a superhero
Chris Pratt has confessed he never saw himself playing a superhero because he was unsure of what direction he wanted his career to take prior to accepting the lead role in 'Guardians of the Galaxy'. | by Bang Showbiz
Bradley Cooper learning to flip burgers
London, July 30 (IANS) Actor Bradley Cooper, who will be seen as a chef in his next film, tried to learn how to flip burgers at a fast food chain in preparation for the role. | by IANS

New Trailers: Foxcatcher, Marnie, Sleep, Vincent

Jul 2 2014 5:32pm CDT | Source: Dark Horizons

Sony Classics has unveiled the latest teaser trailer for Bennett Miller's true crime drama "Foxcatcher". Like the poster this week, this one focuses mostly on Channing Tatum's Olympic wrestler Mark Schultz. You can also glimpse some of Steve Carell as his coach and benefactor John du Pont, and the scene which caused Tatum a real life head injury. The film is slated to open November 14th: Studio Ghibli's newest film "When Mar ...
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‘Comet’ Review: Justin Long and Emmy Rossum Star In Wonderful, Surrealist ’500 Days of Summer’

Jun 16 2014 7:00pm CDT | Source: slash film

Imagine you’re watching your relationship on TV. It is playing on five channels, with each channel airing a different stage of the relationship. When things get too uncomfortable, awkward or emotional, you just flip the channel. On that next channel, you’d continue to watch your relationship unfold, maybe from a point a few years later. The cumulative result of the experience would probably put into perspective the whole of what you and a ...
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‘Paddington’ Trailer: Colin Firth is a Polite But Clumsy Bear

Jun 13 2014 11:02am CDT | Source: Screen Rant

“Please look after this bear. Thank you,” reads the card attached to the neck of the tiny bear Paddington, who makes quite the far journey from Peru all the way to London. The character – created more than 50 years ago by Michael Bond – is getting his own live-action/CGI movie in 2014, with Oscar-winner Colin Firth providing his voice – and, if we’re going off the newly-released trailer (see above), Firth will spend most of th ...
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‘No Good Deed’ Trailer: Idris Elba Takes a Dark Turn

Jun 13 2014 8:00am CDT | Source: slash film

Idris Elba was quite the big screen hero last year. He battled kaiju in Pacific Rim, defended Asgard in Thor: The Dark World, and inspired a nation in Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. But he’s taking a villainous turn with his next film, No Good Deed. Directed by Sam Miller (Elba’s Luther), the thriller stars Elba as escaped convict Colin. He winds up at the home of a stranger named Terri (Taraji P ...
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New ‘Paddington’ Trailer: The Bathroom is a Bad Place for a Bear

Jun 12 2014 11:00am CDT | Source: Slash Film

In light of this new Paddington trailer, the recent #creepypaddington meme is even more odd than it was in the first place. (Granted, it was also rather funny.) Because there isn’t anything creepy at all about this footage. Here we see the bear Paddington (endearingly voiced with grunts and gasps by Colin Firth) as he tries to navigate a few of the complexities of modern life. That includes a long sequence in a bathroom, much of which is utterly a ...
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New PADDINGTON Trailer Goes for Gross-Out Gags and Slapstick

Jun 12 2014 10:02am CDT | Source: Collider

Following yesterday's new images (and subsequent "Creepy Paddington" meme), a new Paddington trailer and poster have gone online.  The story centers on a young bear (voiced by Colin Firth) who is lost at Paddington Station in London, adopted by a kind family, and then Paddington sets out in search of an explorer who inspired his aunt years before.  It's a charming story of an adorable bear, and this trailer couldn' ...
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