Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling to Join Oprah Winfrey in A Wrinkle in Time

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Both actors are in talks with movie officials to work in the Disney movie.

Disney all set to adapt the classic novel A wrinkle in Time in a movie adaptation. The movie officials are in talks with Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling in order to appear in the movie as well. As far as now, we are aware of the fact that Oprah Winfrey will be playing a lead role in the movie. Witherspoon and Kaling will be working along her, according to The Wrap.

This Disney adaptation of A wrinkle in Time is directed by Ava DuVernay. It is said that Witherspoon will be portraying he role of Mrs. Whatist which is one of the three celestial being. Her role in the book is describes as that of a disheveled and very old looking women.

Kaling is supposed to play the role of Mrs. Who. This will be a role of a woman who is actually immortal and recites quotes often.

Oprah Winfrey will be seen playing the lead role of Mrs. Which. She is re-teaming with the director of “Selma” in this movie. Her role is of a woman whose appearances are changed easily by her. The script of the movie is written by Jennifer Lee, who also wrote the script of Frozen. She won an Oscar on the script of Frozen in 2014.

The A wrinkle in Time which is a classic children’s book is written by Madeleine L’Engle. The basic story of the movie revolves around the role of a girl who searches for her missing father who is a scientist by profession. The three supernatural beings are supposed to help her in her quest.

The production of A wrinkle in Time will start in November this year.

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