Warcraft Director Duncan Jones to Make a Sequel

Warcraft Director Duncan Jones is all set to make a sequel of film

Jones ready to make a sequel despite the movie’s not so good box office response

Warcraft which was released a few weeks back was not able to earn a lot. However the director Duncan Jones is pretty excited for a sequel and it looks like he is already working towards it. He stated in an interview to Thrillist that he was pretty proud and furious about Warcraft. He said that he had put a lot of effort in making Warcraft.

The final result wasn’t what he expected as he had trying to bring something onscreen that was equally unique and thrilling but failed. However he also admitted that he was not able to do all the best that he could do in order to push the movie towards greatness.

The most critiqued thing in the movie was its pace. The pace of movie was found to be really slow and really fast at times by many movie critics. It was something that Jones acknowledged as well. One can clearly see jumps in the story line which results in confusion about many aspects of story for the viewer.

Jones also said that he himself was really frustrated about the jumpiness of the movie. He said that the sudden pace changes occurred due to the cancellation of many cuts from the original filming.

Despite all the problems, Jones sees the movie fit for a sequel. He believes that Warcraft’s set has loads to offer to the audience and can take them back to the story as well. He said that he would definitely like to work on the sequel if he is given a chance and would be happy to do it. Jones is working on Mute these days with Alexander Skarsgard.

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