The Rogues to Appear as Villains in The Flash Movie

Credit: HeroicHollywood

The Flash is going to fight some tough villains in the movie.

The Flash which is being produced by Warner Bros has an exciting cast and it looks like the story is going to amaze the audience as well. We will be seeing Ezra Miller in The Flash in lead role playing the role of Barry Allen. We are going to see Kiersey Clemons as Iris West and Ray Fisher playing the role of Victor Stone.

A Superhero movie The Flash will definitely need some dangerous and alluring kind of villains to give the good guys some tough time. Thus we are looking forward to some super action packed movie with loads of drama too. The villains are rumored to be the Rogues. Thus the movie is going to get a lot more exciting as The Flash won’t be facing any single villain but will be fighting a team of super villains. The team of super villains in known as Rogues.

There are no official announcement about the Rogues to work in the movie but the rumors do have some weight to them. HeroicHollywood reported that the Rogues are supposed to be the villains who were created in Silver Age especially to destroy Flash. Thus our superhero will be fighting off villains who are especially there to destroy him.

The head of Rogue is Captain Cold. The other members of this team is Mirror Master, Heat Wave, the Trickster, the Top and Captain Boomerang. The Flash is the directed by Rick Famuyiwa which was previously supposed to be directed by Seth Grahame-Smith. The movie is all scheduled to release on March 16th, 2018. Fans will be able to see Berry Allan as The Flash in the upcoming Justice League movie as well. This movie will be released before The Flash.

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