Doctor Strange Shot New Last-Minute Scenes Written by Dan Harmon

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Doctor Strange gets new scenes written by Dan Harmon

The added scenes were written after the production was wrapped up.

Doctor Strange staring the Sherlock Holmes fame actor Benedict Cumberbatch was wrapped up initially a few weeks back. However according to the new official news, we have come to know that this movie will be getting a few additional scenes at the end too. These scenes are written by Dan Harmon who is known for his comedy writing.

An earlier rumor had suggested that Doctor Strange will include a scene with somebody from The Avengers. Many speculations had pointed towards the Gambit and Wolverine. However we were not able to get an official word over this news.

Harmon who is famous for writing for Community and Rick and Morty is off to write the scenes which is confirmed. It is being said by THR that he has written the scenes for additional photography and most of them are complete.

Thus getting this kind of movie in hand is a big deal for Harmon as he was not really associated with any big movies in the past. Harmon is also known for his funny style of writing. So it might be a possibility that he might bring some fun into Doctor Strange environment. Though we don’t have any doubts about Benedict’s own sarcastic humor that can be really pleasing for the audience to see.

Dan Harmon will be credited in the movie credits along with the major writers Scott Derrickon and C. Robert Cargill. Most of the time it is seen that the writers who are brought in a movie to write a few scenes aren’t given much credit for them in the movie. However Harmon will be getting the credit for his hard work. The nature of scenes and the characters being portrayed in them will be revealed when the movie will be released on November 4th.

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