Miles Teller is Ready to Play Mr. Fantastic in Fantastic Four Sequel

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Miles Teller All Set to Play Mr. Fantastic in the Sequel

Miles Teller won’t mind working in the sequel of Fantastic Four.

The new remake of Fantastic Four was out a few months ago in 2015. The movie did a commendable job all over the world and the new team of Fantastic Four was liked by majority. Miles Teller was a big part of Fantastic Four and he wants to continue his role in the next movie too if a sequel happens. There are rumors of a Fantastic Four sequel being made but we are not one hundred percent sure of these.

Teller who got his fame from War Dogs said that he is all open to do a sequel of this movie. He said that he will be happy to play a role in the Marvel Superhero movie and is actually open to the offers.

According to The Wrap, Teller told in a recent interview that he loved working with the cast of Fantastic Four. He also said that he had a great time while working on the set of movie.

He also added that he would love to be a part of something like that again. Teller shared that he loved the way the team of Fantastic Four have to rely on each other. He added that the team cannot work without one and other which makes them Fantastic Four, which is one of kind Marvel family.

Fantastic Four did pretty well worldwide. It managed to earn $160 from all over the world. It is a great number but not the one that Film producers are looking for these days. Any movie is considered successful these days only if it manages to earn over $300 million.

Teller might want to do a sequel however the chances of a new movie coming any soon seem pretty slim to us.

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