Suicide Squad Aiming for August Opening Record Despite Negative Reviews

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Suicide Squad Aiming for a High Business

Suicide Squad all set to make some new Box Office Records.

Suicide Squad will be releasing in a few days from now. The movie has been published and publicized a lot all over the world on print and social media. Fans have high hopes from the movie. However the reviews from the critics suggest otherwise. It is said that the movie doesn’t have that much potential to entertain the audience.

Suicide Squad holds only a 29% ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, however it is said that critics are always difficult while rating the DC movies. They are always keen to give negative reviews to a super hero movie. This was also seen in the case of Superman Vs Batman.

The bad reviews of Superman Vs Batman effected the business of movie however it looks like Suicide Squad has gotten lucky in this domain. Fans are getting more enthusiastic to see this movie in the cinemas after seeing it’s not so favorable pre-release reviews.

Suicide Squad will open in 4,250 theaters all over the country thus making the widest opening for August. The latest opening record of August is currently held by “Guardians of Galaxy” with the opening of $94.3 million, according to BoxOfficeMojo. Suicide Squad is going to be the third movie to break an opening record for a super hero movie if it manages to do so.

“Deadpool” is regarded as the movie with biggest opening this year. It managed to earn $132.4 million on its opening weekend. It looks difficult for Suicide Squad to break the record of Deadpool however it might mange to earn pretty well on the weekend too.

Fans are coming forward from all over the country for pre-release booking of tickets. Many shows of the movie are totally sold out in various cities. Let’s see if this anti-super hero movie will be able to make new records upon its release.

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