Rami Malek Joins “Papillon” Remake

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Rami Malek who stared in Mr. Robot is going to act with Charlie Hunnam in the remake of Papillon.

Charlie Hunnam is all set to play a role which was originated by legendary Steve McQueen. He will be co-staring with Rami Malek who was seen on Mr. Robot. He will be playing eth role which was played by Dustin Hoffaman in the original movie, according to Deadline. It is said that Malek is a good choice for this remake.

Papillon is going to be directed by Northwest director Michael Noer. This remake is based on a 1973 movie which was based on the memoirs of a criminal named Henri Charriere who had escaped from Devil’s Island. Devil’s Island was a French penal colony in South America. It is said that Charriere was convicted of a murder in 1930s however he claimed that he was wrongly imprisoned for a crime which he never committed.

While living on the Island he devices a plan to escape the prison. He is helped by another inmate named Louis Dega who happened to be a counterfeit expert. He later on escapes the island and becomes fugitive. After that he publishes his memoirs in 1969 about the life in prison and afterwards.

Hunnam will play the lead role of Charriere which was originated by McQueen. Rami Malek will be seen in the role of Dega. Dega was played by Dustin Hoffaman in the 1973 classic version of movie. Rami Malek has been working in the industry for a long time but he recently got his hands on a lead role in USA series Mr. Robot. He plays the role of a hacker in the series who is seen struggling with a few mental health issues. It is his chance to make a big impression on bog screen too.

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