Michael Jordan Wants Blake Griffin to Star in Space Jam 2

Credit: ScreenRant

Michael Jordan might be seen in the possible sequel of Space Jam

Space Jam has completed 20 years of success since it was released in 1996. The movie showcased the living basketball legend Michael Jordan with an amusing yet interesting set of actors. The cast of movie included Michael Jordan and Looney Tunes.

Space Jam has gained a lot of popularity since it was released, it is said that it is now more popular than the time it was released in year 1996. This is the reason that we are no hearing a few rumors of getting a sequel to this movie after the completion of 20 years. We might be able to see Space Jam 2 in near future.

Talks of casting NBA Star LeBron James are circulating these days to appear in the lead role in sequel as the successor of Jordan. However when Michael Jordan was asked about the concept he replied by saying that Blake Griffin should be the part of movie as well, reported ScreenRant. Blake Griffin is the part pf Los Angeles Clippers and certainly a great player overall.

If James is being chosen for the movie the filming of sequel might not start till the end of 2017 as he will be busy with many tournaments. However if we look at the stats, he is a pretty good contender for the role in the sequel of this famous movie. Griffin might be the choice of Jordan but he might not be suited for the movie. Thus we cannot say if we will see him in the project or not.

James and Griffin both do not have many roles in Hollywood movies under their belts. They both have played roles as themselves in a few movies. A role like this one will certainly be something big for both of them.

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