Jason Bourne Tops at Box Office with $60 Million

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“Jason Bourne” comes on top and “Bad Moms” comes on second spot.

Matt Damon has returned to the big screen as the CIA agent again. Looks like this decision of getting another mystery movie has paid off well for Damon. His Universal Pictures movie “Jason Bourne” has opened pretty bog this weekend. It has maintained the number one position by earning a total of $60 million.

This movie was showcased in 4,026 theaters all around the globe. The movie has come ahead of its predecessor, the Borne Legacy which managed to earn $38.1 million only in its opening weekend. It looks like fans certainly took a liking towards “Jason Bourne”.

If we compare “Jason Bourne” to other movies of Damon, it is still unmatched to the biggest opening movie of actor “The Bourne Ultimatum” which was released in the year 2007. It had earned $69 million on its launch. It is regarded as Damon’s second best grossing movie ever.

“Jason Bourne” has found great market board too where it managed to earn $50 million in 56 markets. It had a good opening at theaters in South Korea, U.K and other companies. It came second in U.K to the blockbuster movie “Finding Dory” which is still on number one spot over there.

The movie that came on the second spot is “Bad Moms”. It was said earlier that “Bad Moms” will earn around $20-30 million on its opening weekend. The movie was produced in only $20million. Thus it certainly is going for a good kind of profit. It is written and directed by Scott Moore and Jon Lucas. They had also written the script of “Hangover”.

While “Nerve” which is thriller was spotted at number three spot with the earnings of $15 million.

According to EW, top 10 movies at Box Office are:

1. Jason Bourne – $60 million
2. Star Trek Beyond – $24 million
3. Bad Moms – $23.4 million
4. The Secret Life of Pets – $18.2 million
5. Lights Out – $10.8 million
6. Ice Age: Collision Course – $10.5 million
7. Ghostbusters – $9.8 million
8. Nerve – $9 million
9. Finding Dory – $4.2 million
10. The Legend of Tarzan – $2.4 million

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