Suicide Squad’s Joker Smiles on Empire’s Cover

Credit: Empire

Jared Leto as Suicide Squad’s Joker Smiles on Empire’s Cover

The new joker poses for Empire cover.

Suicide Squad is the biggest movie to be released in a few days. The movie is highly anticipated all around the world due to its great cast and finest clips that were offered by DC. The Suicide Squad, which comprises of the “worst heroes ever” is going to do something unexpected. The villains will be chosen by the government to bring down an enemy which is unapproachable and undefeatable by the governmental agencies. This is the reason that the Suicide Squad will be picked to do the task.

The movie has gained immense popularity due to its fantastic sound track, its brilliantly colored posters and extravagant marketing schemes that have captured the attention of many. The new behind the scenes slips and 8 new clips released at Comic Con this week has certainly increased its anticipation all around the world.

Jared Leto who is going to play the role of Joker has gained immense popularity as well. He has been given a great makeover and finest touch ups to make him look like the Joker we all love to hate. He was recently showcased on the cover of Empire presenting a far deeper look into his tattoos. The tattoos as we have thought earlier are creepy as hell.

In this Empire cover we can see the Joker as Sadistic as he is. He is shown profiling along with his “Damaged” tattoo on the forehead. Along with that he is shown with his left hand covering his mouth which has a creepy Joker smile tattoo on it too.

Leto has made sure from the start of Suicide Squad that he will provide a new experience for his fans. Be it his onset pranks, staying at the jail or eerie selfies, he has done a lot to capture the interest of audience. We can see that his role will be something to remember in the movie.

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