Dart Vader is the Leading Character of Star Wars Virtual Reality Story

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Dart Vader to Lead Star Wars VR Story.

Dart Vader is here to make your Virtual Reality experience more awesome than ever. Dart Vader is the right choice for a big project like that of VR stories. Dart Vader will play a major role in the VR movie of Lucasfilm. This movie will represent the past of Vader. It was announced in London last week as a part of Star Wars Celebration.
According to Variety, the Vader VR project has its screenplay written by David S. Goyer who had written the script of Man of Steel and Batman Begins. He also wrote the script of the video game Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Goyer said that while formulating this virtual reality project they thought about the character which was the most iconic one. They wanted to portray about a character, of which little was known to anyone. Everybody loves to hate Dart Vader, thus choosing his character for this VR is the best thing that the company can do.

This VR project will be the extension of the original story thus belonging to the same cannon. People won’t have to find any problems in linking the experiences of this movie from the original one. According to Pablo Hidalgo who is a story group member of movie, this experience of seeing the favorite character in front of you and living an experience with you will surely be out of this world.

The project is not named yet. Along with that Star Wars officials are also not pronouncing it to be a movie or a film yet. Thus we all have to wait a little more in order to see the real aspects of this virtual reality project.
However being a part of this exciting project as literally being in it through VR will be an exciting opportunity for many.

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