Ellen DeGeneres to Work in Disney’s “Castle Hangnail”

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Disney Getting ready to work with Ellen in a new project.

Ellen DeGeneres’s movie “Finding Dory” was a huge hit when it was released few weeks back. The movie made many records and is considered one of the major hits by Disney. Disney has signed up Bill Kunstler who is a TV writer in order to adapt the screenplay for the movie version of “Castle Hangnail”. It is a children’s book and Ellen was selected to work in the project from start.

Ellen DeGeneres who played the lead in “Finding Dory” will be the executive producer of this movie. According to Variety, she will produce this movie along with Jeff Kleeman of A Very Good Production. Kunstler also served as a consulting producer in CBS “Mom”. He also co-produced “The Crazy Ones” and the series “How to live with your Parents (For the rest of your life).

The story of movie is written by Ursula Vernon. This story is about a 12-years old girl who comes to Castle Hangnail in order to fill the vacancy of a wicked witch. The castle is shown in desperate need of having a master witch in order to control all the rituals as ordered by Board of Magic. She shows charm, bravery and skills in the task being allotted to her in order to assess her for the position. She however does not tell anyone about her identity and many other secrets while doing so.

“Castle Hangnail” was published in April this year by Dial Books. According to the rumors, Ellen DeGeneres’s name being associated with this project will definitely bring loads of fortune for this movie. Her attachment with the project has been finalized and her morning show will surely introduce the concept of this story soon.

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