Jared Leto Shares Suicide Squad Joker Selfie

Jared Leto showed us another glimpse of Joker in Suicide Squad.

Jared Leto has a striking and interesting personality. Since he has been attached with Suicide Squad, he has shown at multiple times that he does many things differently. He actually managed to pull off some weird kind of stops while filming for the movie and promoting it. He tried everything that was twisted from giving bizarre gifts to his co-workers to sleeping in prison to bring about the feel of his character.

If we talk about his latest antic, he just posted a picture on Instagram as Joker. However this selfie that’s being posted in nothing like perfect. It is a blurred image in which we can hardly recognize him portraying as the Joker.

The vibrant green color and red lip color is giving off the fact that it actually is the selfie of him being dressed as Joker. He managed to give us the selfie while showing off his cynical laugh that actually blurred the image. Well that is purposefully done, that we are sure.

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However our joker is missing the steel caps pan teeth that is a major part of Joker. He however had full makeup on and also adorned the tattoos that go with Joker’s image. So we can say it with loads of confidence that this selfie is actually from Suicide Squad’s Joker.

He associated the picture with different emoji’s as well. He gave the caption made of emoji. These emoji consisted of a snake, a cactus, a battery, a heart and a star. We are not really able to decipher the true meaning is this kind of caption. Do let us know if you have any theory on these emoji.

Suicide Squad is coming to theaters on August 5, 2016.

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