Scott Eastwood’s Mystery Role in Suicide Squad Revealed

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Scott Eastwood’s mystery role in Suicide Squad might be revealed.

Warner Bros. Suicide Squad is going to be seen by next month in cinemas. Fans and movie officials have a high hope from this movie. The latest DC movie Superman Vs Batman: Dawn of Justice was a very grim and serious one.

On the other hand Suicide Squad looks like a full entertaining anti-hero movie. We know how many people will be playing in the movie and we know about the roles of major cast as well. However there are still some actors, whose roles are not revealed yet. This might be changing now as we have the latest scoop on Scott Eastwood’s role in the movie. His role was a mystery from the start and we are taking a guess that we have finally might have deciphered his role in this movie.

According to a German website, Scott Eastwood, is going to play a role of lieutenant. The name of his character is supposed to “GQ” Edwards. His character is going to be under the control of Task Force X Leader Rick Flagg. Rick’s role will be played by Joel Kinnaman. The name “GQ” Edwards does not appear a lot in the DC comics so we are not really certain about this guess too. However seems pretty sure about the information.

One can make a presumption from this news that Scott Eastwood is simply playing the role of a military officer or military leader of some sorts in the movie. Even though Scott Eastwood is a big name in industry now, we can still see him acting in a small role. Many a times DC cuts the scenes of important characters upon release. Thus only the release of Suicide Squad will tell us sure about the role played by Eastwood.

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