Sofia Boutella to Play Queen in Mummy Reboot

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Sofia Boutella Will be seen as Queen in Mummy Reboot.

Sofia Boutella was spotted filming for the movie in full costume and make-up!

The upcoming reboot of Mummy is in full swing these days. The filming have started and fans are expecting a great deal of entertainment from the movie. Many of the actors however acting in the movie are not confirm yet. As the movie officials are pretty tight lipped about the major details of the cast and story. JustJared first spotted the beautiful Sofia Boutella in full costume and make-up shooting for the movie. She was dressed as a mummy and we certainly are sure about the fact that she will be playing the role of Queen.

Sofia Boutella got her fame from her role in Kingsman: Secret Service. She will also be seen in Star Trek Beyond. Along with Mummy in her lap, she is doing pretty well for a new comer in the industry. The 34-years-old actress will be playing the title role in this reboot of famous movie along with Tom Cruise.

We know for sure that Sofia Boutella will be playing the role of Queen whose happy ending was taken from her. She would be found in a crypt beneath a huge desert where this ancient Queen will make her journey from the dead.

Through the scenes which were being filmed in London, it can be presumed that Queen will have the power to control crowds. She will have a power of terrifying people which will be beyond human control and comprehension.
Her makeup was perfectly done and her costume was nothing short of perfection. One can assume that Sofia Boutella will surely look great in the role of Mummy Queen.

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