Julian Lewis Jones to Star in Justice League

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Stella Star Julian Lewis Jones will be seen playing a role in Justice League.

Welsh actor Julian Lewis Jones who got fame for his role in Stella Star has now landed a role in DC comic’s Justice League. Justice League is of course a big name and a big movie with loads of fan following. Thus getting a role in this kind of project is nothing short of perfect for the actor.

The 48-year old actor who has done a few roles in other Hollywood movies have conformed his news of working in the latest DC project. He played a role in 2009’s movie Invictus from where he was recognized for the very first time. He played the role of Nelson Mandela’s head body guards. His acting was much appreciated in the movie.

He said in a recent interview with Wales Online, that he is going to act in the next DC movie. He also said that he was not allowed to shed any light on his character so he didn’t say anything about it. However he added that he was going to act in the movie which is apparently the most expensive movie ever made up till now. He also informed that this movie will be directed by Zack Snyder. It will star Ben Affleck. This movie will be released the next year.

Julian Lewis Jones is keeping himself busy with many project these days. He is acting in a few and currently producing one as well. He is the executive producer of a British Fil named Rugby Girls. This movie about the first women rugby world cup which was held in Wales in 1991. He said that this movie will start filming next year. So with a Dc project, this movie and many other projects in hand, Jones has a lot on his plate.

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