Wreck it Ralph 2 Coming to Theaters in 2018

Credit: Wreck it Ralph Twitter

Release date and details of Wreck it Ralph 2 announced.

Disney’s Wreck it Ralph did pretty good business a few years back when it was released. We knew that a sequel of the movie is being planned and will be available in coming months too. Disney just made it official and have announced the release date of the new part of movie. The movie Wreck it Ralph 2 will be seen in theaters in 2018.

Rich Moore who is a filmmaker announced this movie on the Breaking News Facebook Live Chat. He introduced Phil Johnston who co-write Zootopia and Wreck it Ralph. Johnston will be seen co-directing this new movie with Moore.

Johnston started with non-animated movies in the start if his career. Later on he switched to animated movies as well. He wrote the Brother Grimsby and Cedar Rapids. It is the first time though he will be directing a film with somebody else as well.

Moore said that they started working on this ideas as soon as they finished Wreck it Ralph. They later on worked on Zootopia as well which was a great success too. John C Reilly who gave the voice to Ralph in movie was also in the live broadcast. He also conformed the release of Wreck it Ralph 2 on March, 9th 2018.

The topic and story of the movie was not revealed. As Reilly said that it is top secret. Fans will have to wait for a bit longer in order to get to know about the story line. However we have a conformed news for our fans that Sarah Silverman will return to Wreck it Ralph 2 for the voice over of Vane lope von Scheetz. This is a great news for Wreck it Ralph fans as their two lead characters will be seen in the sequel too.

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