Barkhad Abdi Joins the Sequel of “Blade Runner”

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Captain Phillip’s Barkhad Abdi will be joining the new Blade Runner.

Barkhad Abdi who was nominated for Oscars for his tremendous acting in Captain Philip will be seen on big screen in a new project. He is going to join Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling, and Robin Wright in sequel of Blade Runner, according to Deadline.

The official title of part two of Blade Runner has not been revealed yet but we know for sure that it is certainly in motion. No details about Abdi’s role have been shared by the officials yet. Along with him we will be able to see Dave Bautista, Ana de Armas, Sylvia Hoeks, and Carla Juri in the movie too.

This movie will be directed by Denis Villeneuve. Its shoot will start from next month. Warner Bros and Sony will share its rights among themselves.

Barkhad Abdi acted for the first time in a 2013 movie Captain Phillips. He had a role of a Somali Pirate Paul Greengrass. He got nominated for best supporting actor in Oscar awards in the following year, the movie was released. He was also nominated for his role in Golden Globes and SAG. He actually won an award for this performance in BAFTA 2014. Abdi has also acted in Eye in the Sky. In this movie he acted opposite Helen Mirren and Aaron Paul.

Blade Runner 2 will showcase a team of special force which will hunt down androids and kill them. In the movie the genetically engineered androids which are named replicants won’t be allowed to live on earth. When some of them will rebel and will try to be a part of our world, then the team of Blade Runners will do something to eradicate them. Other than this, nothing is revealed yet about the story too. It is said that it will be seen on bif screen by mid of next year.

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