Mighty No. 9 Trailer: Masterclass is a Failure

Mighty No. 9 Trailer Releases to a Bad Response.

Mighty No. 9 trailer features glib graphics, badly conceived jokes and over-dramatic voice over that has earned the new trailer an array of down votes on YouTube.

YouTube might be a great source of reaching out to the world and showcasing and launching your promos and trailers on the world’s biggest platform. It is also one of the most critical and responsive platforms on the internet. Just ask Paul Feig who has faced so much criticism for Ghostbusters trailer for almost the wrong reasons.

So the latest trailer that has received the down vote extensively is the newly released Mighty 9 trailer. Developed by Comcept, the game passed its trial phase with good reviews given that they could develop the game more and fix some of its setbacks. The game was scheduled for September, 2015 but some setbacks delayed the release till February, 2016 and then it got pushed back to Spring, 2016.

The company might have thought that the game might suffer more if the word about it did not get out there and that might have been the time that they put together. It might have done them some good if they had either given the trailer more thought or just not release it all together.

So, what made the trailer so bad? First, the lazy graphics that depicted what to expect from the game and the combo moves presented in such slow motion that it might have put some people to sleep. Worse was the dramatic voice-over that seems cool on the Honest trailers but not on a trailer. The voice made it seem worse than it was. To top it off were some bad jokes especially the joke about anime fans crying on prom night which also caused anime fans to backlash on the trailer.

The trailer has currently got 5234 downvotes and only 583 upvotes on YouTube. Now only the release will reveal just how much damage the trailer has really done when the game will come out on 24th June launch in the UK or 21st June in North America on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, PC, Mac and Linux. 3DS and Vita ports will follow.

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