Dwayne Johnson is Making a “Cool Movie” Next Year

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Dwayne Johnson will appear in a “Cool Movie” with Shane Black in Year 2017.

Dwayne Johnson is all set to make a movie with Shane Black in 2017.

Our beloved Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock is really busy these days. He is busy in shooting for Jumanji and other various movies. He keeps entertaining people through his Instagram posts of his recent projects. Recently he posted something online that indicated that he will finally be working on a project with Shane Black.

He was due to work in his “Doc Savage” movie for a long time. It looks like he finally has found some time in his busy schedule to devote to this one as well.

Black has been putting efforts to make a Doc Savage movie for many years now. The movie will be adapted from a series of classic novels. These novels involve a story of an eponymous hero who goes on a series of adventures in his life.

The main lead or hero of this movie is a scientist, super-hero, explorer and a fun character. All these qualities can be associated with Dwayne Johnson. So he looks like the perfect choice for this movie.

Shane Black also thought that Dwayne is the best choice for this role. He has been asking him to act in the movie for a long time. This time however, The Rock has confirmed his availability.

Dwayne posted a photo on Instagram in which he showed a table with his tablet and a few notes. He explained that he was focusing on his new “Cool Movie” with director Shane Black that will start in 2017.

Finding our anchor. When I’m shooting on location I always need a space where I can work and keep building the enterprise. Here in Georgia this has been my space for months now. Keepin’ it country. Every film, TV show, partnership and project we develop gets handled from here. When I feel good about it, it goes in the pile to the left that clearly reflects my OCD. When I’m still making adjustments, it stays on the pile on the right. All contracts that need signing remain in the middle. On the iPad I’m reading an outline for a cool movie I’ll make in 2017 (with director Shane Black) and when I get tired and need a lil’ pick me up, the shaker cup holds a special shot of energy – Elk piss. The more complicated our lives get, the more we need simple spaces like this to anchor us. In simplistic terms, find your work space and anchor to help you keep your shit together. #AndDontTryDrinkingElkPiss #IWasKidding #ItsLionBlood 😉⚓️

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Shane is currently working on “The Predator”. Dwayne is currently busy with Jumanji, Baywatch and Fast 8. So this movie will probably start after he finishes of these projects.

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