Harley Quinn Movie in the Works with Margot Robbie

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DC Villainess Getting her Own Movie from Warner Bros.

There will be a Warner Bros movie launched including Harley Quinn.

Well Warner Bros is all set to bring about an all-female heroines and Villainess movie in the coming year. Quinn won’t be getting her solo movie but will be seen appearing in this Warner Bros movie with other DC female characters, THR reported. Fans will see Quinn, Batgirl, Birds of Prey and many others in this movie alone.

Suicide Squad is about to get released and is regarded as one of the most anticipated movie of summers. However Warner Bros is getting ready for a spin off already for Suicide Squad as well.

This movie will feature the anti-heroine Harley Quinn for sure. Margot Robbie who will be seen in Suicide Squad and our resources have told us that she is in the new spin off as well.

She will not be the only female anti heroin in the movie. This project will cater a number of female DC heroines and Anti heroines. Quinn will be one of them.

Warner Bros is handling the details of this project with a lot of security. We still don’t know about the exact number of female heroines anti heroines which will be showcased in the movie. Nor we have any idea about the characters that will be seen in it. Rumor has it that fans will see batgirl, and Birds of Prey, along with Poison Ivy in it. However nothing can be said with surety.

DC has a whole lot of female heroes and villains to choose from. It won’t be difficult for the movie writers to include any character in the story line. Quinn is the character which is highly impressed by the Batman villain Joker. She was originally written as the side kick for Joker.

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