Sharon Stone to Appear in the Upcoming Marvel Movie

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Sharon Stone might be seen in an upcoming Marvel Movie.

Marvel is busy with giving us new movies all-round the year. With movies like Infinity War, Captain Marvel and Black Widow around the corner, fans can expect a great deal of entertainment from this franchise. Many new actors have been associated with different projects that will be seen in theaters in coming year.

We are about to share a news of Sharon Stone’s casting in one of Marvel’s movies here. Sharon recently shared that she will be appearing in an upcoming MCU movie. She did not reveal about the name or details of the movie nor did she reveal anything about her role.

She said on a talk show last week that she will be doing a “wee part” in a Marvel movie. This use of “Wee” can be related to the movie “Ant man” if one has to make a guess. “Ant man” is going for a sequel in the next year and that sequel is named as “Ant man and the Wasp”.

Well, we can guess that the usage of “Wee” might be related to the role of Wasp in movie. Sharon said in the interview that she could not tell the audience about any details of the movie. She said that she had signed a contract that demanded confidentiality of the project till it is announced officially.

She can play the role of Wasp or the role of Wasp’s mother in the movie. Only time will tell about the exact details of her role. She has been casted so early, creating a possibility that she can be seen in the new Spider man movie as well. “Spider man: Homecoming” will showcase Perter Parker’s parents who were CIA agents, which might be a role given to Stone. Only time will tell that which Marvel movie will have the privileged of showcasing Stone.

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