Anne Hathaway to Star in Anti-Drone Movie Grounded

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Anne Hathaway is going to star in a Drone-war movie titled “Grounded”.

Hathaway is always seen choosing and acting in movies that have a unique topic and a great screenplay. It is time that she has been chosen for an Anti-Drone movie, according to Variety. The Academy Award winner is so much excited about the project that she locked away the rights of the movie as soon as she could. She will be seen playing the lead role in the movie. Along with that she will be producing “Grounded” too.

Drones which have been associated with loads of conspiracies from the start will be the focus of this movie. The recent data has specifically stated that they are actually proving to be more disastrous instead of helping the forces. The movie will focus on this story line as well.

It will revolve around the role of a conflicted American Air Force pilot who will be given the job to control an unmanned drone to attack various places. Anne played this role on stage and was nominated for Critics Circle Award after this. Brant is going to adapt the screenplay of this stage drama for the big screen.

Grounded will be produced by Hathaway with the help of Entertainment 360, Ben Forkner, Suzan Bymel and Sidney Kimmel Entertainment. “Grounded” received mostly positive reviews on the Broadway and showcased the reality of drone mechanism in wars. The Broadway show was a single person drama however the movie will surely include other roles to be seen along with Hathaway.

She has done marvelous job in Devil Wears Prada, Interstellar, and many other roles. Anne started her career from the famous movie “The Princess Diaries”. She will be seen playing her role of White princess in “Alice through the Looking Glass”.

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