Marc Platt set to Adapt Sega’s Shinobi in a Feature Film

Credit: Variety

Marc Platt and Sega will collaborate in making a new feature film based on the video game of Shinobi.

It is the age of the CGI and nothing seems impossible to make these days. With the success of major superhero movies and fantasy movies, video games are also setting foot in the premises. This year, Warcraft and Assassin’s Creed, and Tomb Raider reboot are already in works and it only seemed plausible that Sega hit video game Shinobi will also get the spotlight.

Variety reported that producer Marc Platt of Marc Platt Productions is partnering with Adam Siegel, along with Stories International President and CEO Tomoya Suzuki to develop the adaptation of the Sega video game Shinobi. The producer will be working with Stories International Inc., the production arm of the Sega Group to make the movie a possibility.

The original Sega video game was launched in 1987, based on a character named Joe Musashi, who became a skilled ninja with the Oboro clan, as he fought off an evil ninja syndicate known as Zeed. The game then led to a number of sequels such as Shadow Warrior and The Revenge of Shinobi.

Talking about the project, Platt said that Hollywood has never truly explored the world of Ninjas. By making this movie, they will pay homage to the culture and the characters and the video game which is the original inspiration for the movie and also bring this fantastic world to the movie goers.

There is yet to be a screenwriter and director to be signed on for making the movie. According to an initial report by Sega, Shinobi is one of the video games that the company wants to adapt into feature film. Tomoya Suzuki is also attached to the project and expressed him excitement for working with Sega and Platt.

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