Bruce Wayne Might Be Seen in the New Wonder Woman Movie

Credit: Batman-News

Set Photos of Wonder Woman showed Bruce Wayne’s possible appearance in the new movie.

“Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice” broke several records and clearly set new level of achievement by earning a sum of $850 million. It has started a new era for DC movies and have showcased the love of audience towards a well set superhero movie.

DC’s new projects include “Suicide Squad” which will be released in a few weeks. Dawn of Justice showed a new character Wonder Woman who helped Superman and Batman in the tough times.

The standalone Wonder Woman movie is in the making these days and will be released next year. Fans can get excited to learn that this movie might showcase Bruce Wayne along with Wonder Woman too.

The superheroine movie Wonder Woman is currently being filmed in France and Italy. The plot will follow the storyline of young Princess Diana when she is crowned as a princess.

The movie then follows a storyline when Diana decides to become Wonder Woman and sheds her title as the princess. The story line will showcase the times of World War I and the modern times.

Credit: Batman-News

Credit: Batman-News

Recently a photo was released from the set which showed a Wayne Enterprises bank truck parked outside a museum, reported ScreenCrush. Surely it means something, Right? One can hope that Wonder Woman can expect a visit from Wayne in France or she can go visiting him.

The bank truck looks really modern so we can easily say that the picture is not from the WWI part of the movie but from the modern times where Wayne lives. However we will just have to wait a bit to find out who else will be appearing in this movie.

Dawn of Justice showed a friendly relationship between Wonder Woman and Wayne. He was the one who discovered her identity and worked with her while fighting alongside Superman.

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