Marvel Studio Cancels Release of Inhumans

Marvel Studios have canceled their plans to release the new project “Inhumans”.

Marvel has been really busy with great movies recently. Its only two weeks till “Captain America: Civil War” will open in theaters. Along with that Marvel has many other projects lined in for release. A new project by the name of “Inhumans” was supposed to release in November, 2018 but it looks like to get pushed farther away, according to ScreenRant.

“Inhumans” was facing tough luck since it was announced. First it was announced that only the released date is pushed forward. However now the rumors are that there will be no “Inhumans” movie by Marvel anytime soon. It looks that it has been taken out from the Marvel release schedule.

When Kevin Feige was asked previously about this project, he said that “Inhumans” will be released later. However Fans don’t have to get disappointed yet as Marvel has many other movies to release. They have announced phase 3 which included a “Spider-Man” movie and a sequel to “Ant Man”.

After that movies such as “Doctor Strange” and the “Guardians in Vol 2” are also in line to release by Marvel. So looking at these and other many unnamed projects it can be seen that there are loads to offer by Marvel for fans.

If “Inhumans” is not going to see the light of big screen, we many see other exciting projects. There are rumors of Marvel trying to adapt “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” which can be a reason of “Inhumans” is no longer in line for year 2018. However one can hope to see it in future. Marvel has many exciting upcoming projects in line and fans will get plenty of chances to see other amazing ventures.

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