Knock Knock Actress Ana de Armas Joins Blade Runner 2

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“Knock Knock” Actress Ana de Armas to Be Seen in “Blade Runner 2”

Ana de Armas from “Knock Knock” will act in “Blade Runner 2”.

Knock Knock was a below average movie which couldn’t be saved due to Keanu Reeves’s good looks. The movie lacked story, plot and a good direction due to which it didn’t do any good business. The only positive thing that could have been illustrated from this venture was Ana de Armas.

This exciting new girl surely captured attention of many due to her dynamic acting skills and charming personality. This Cuban actress surely did a good job in making the movie bearable. Her positive role in the movie have landed her a new project that is bound to soar in many departments than her previous project.

“Blade Runner 2” will be released by Alcon Entertainment. The studio have spoken officially about casting Ana de Armas in a lead role, according to ScreenCrush. “Blade Runner 2” is the sequel to the sci-fi classic of Ridley Scott. It will be directed by Denis Villeneuve.

Harrison Ford will be seen playing his role of Deckard along with Robin Wright, Ryan Gosling, and David Bautista. The character specification of Ana’s role have not been shared by the officials.

“Blade Runner 2” which will be directed by Villeneuve is written by Michael Green. The sequel was expected to be released on January 2018 and now it will be released on 6th October, 2017.

Blade Runner did a good business in past and it is expected that it will do a better one with the sequel. The “Blade Runner 2” has some amazing actors associated with it that will surely make a great treat on screen. As far as Ana’s role is concerned, it will be revealed with time for sure by the movie officials.

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