Warner Bros. To Release Stephen King’s “Chips” And “It” In 2017

Warner Bros has chosen the year 2017 to release “Chips” and “It”.

2017 will see the release of 2 new reboot/adaptation movies from Warner Bros. The first one included in the list is “Chips” which will be an action-comedy based movie. This movie is adapted from the famous 1980s series of the same name.

It will star Michael Pena and Shepard. The second movie is “It”. It is an adaptation from Stephen King’s finest horror novel. This movie became a little bit of controversy after untimely departure of the previous director Cary Fukunaga. We don’t have any insight about the lead actors acting in the movie yet.

“It” will be released closer to sequel of “Mama” making its release date pretty adequate due to other horror movie releases. Mama will be seen in theaters on September 9th, 2017.

Gary Dauberman from Annabelle and David Kajaganich from The Invasion will work on the script. It will surely be a treat to watch if such great writers are working on it. Castings and storyline of the movie have not been revealed yet.

“Chips” will be seen playing in theaters on August 11, 2017. Chips will be competing with Sony’s “Emoji Movie”. Chips is a movie based on the lives of California Highway Patrolling officers on bikes who make a great team and find many adventures in their lives.

The movie starring Shepard, Pena and Kristen Bell will surely come as an exciting comedy-action movie. The original series of the 1980s had more of a comedy plot along with action/crime storyline. However according to Pena in an interview, this “Chips” movie will be more serious along with more action.

Other than that Warner Bros. confirmed to Deadline about the release of another untitled movie on December 22, 2017. This will be a PG-13 movie.

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