Dwayne Johnson Confirms Pamela Anderson’s Return To Baywatch

Credit: The Rock Instagram

Original Baywatch Star Pamela Anderson to be seen in Baywatch Movie.

Dwayne Johnson recently confirmed that Pamela Anderson will be acting in Baywatch Movie.

Many famous TV series have been adapted to movies in the recent years. A few famous examples include X-Files and Fuller House. The adaptations or reboots might not work well with every series or movie but it certainly doesn’t stop the directors to go for new ventures.

We have told you before about a Baywatch movie that will star Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron. Fans are anxiously waiting for the news of any original star especially Pamela Anderson’s acting in the movie.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has confirmed that Pamela will be seen in this Baywatch movie. This is surely a great news for Baywatch fans all around the world. Baywatch rose to become one of the highest watched television series in the 1990s due to its attractive cast and amazing story-line.

Davis Hasselhoff has been associated with the movie from the start however it took months to confirm the presence of another original star. Along with Hoff, Anderson gained immense popularity in her role in the series due to her stunning looks and acting skills.

She played the role of C.J Parker in Baywatch which became her biggest fame attracting role. “The Rock” posted the news of Anderson’s role in movie through his Instagram post. In this post he posed with Anderson on the set of Baywatch.

It is still unclear about the type of role that will be played by Anderson and Hoff in this movie. They won’t be playing their iconic roles from the series so one can expect them to see in different roles. However fans will love to see Anderson in her trademark red suite.

Baywatch movie is all set to release on May 19, 2017.

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