New Wolverine Movie will Feature Mutant X-23

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Rumour Has It That the New Wolverine Movie will Feature Mutant X-23.

There are rumours going around that production for the Wolverine movie are taking auditions for casting the female clone of Wolverine, Mutant X-23.

Hugh Jackman has a lot to thank the Wolverine for. It was this iconic X-Men character that was Jackman’s claim to fame in Hollywood and over the years he has reprised the role over the course of 7 movies including Days of the Future Past when he tells the two main characters to go F**k off.

After over a decade, Jackman announced that he will no longer be reprising the role of the famous blade wielding mutant again. Not for even a Wolverine origin movie. He has done two of those already so he is not going to be returning for a third one.

The studios however is not giving up on making a Wolverine movie. With the right air of feminism and female superheroes, Marvel might be casting one more female superhero to add to the X Men origin story. We are talking about the female clone of Wolverine, more commonly known in the comic books as Mutant X-23.

It was seen that casting notice for The Wolverine 2, called for stand-ins that are “Caucasian, Hispanic and Asian looking females over the age of 21,” with a height of 4′ to 4’11” and “size 0-4 with dark brown hair.” They might be casting for a minor character but after Hugh Jackman’s refusal to play the Wolverine anymore, the possibility of Mutant X-23 making her debut is a great possibility.

For all the fans unaware of her, Mutant X-23 is named Laura Kinney, according to ComicBook. She’s a female clone of Wolverine who boasts the same regenerative powers, speed, agility and strength as her male counterpart, as well as a set of adamantium claws. Laura was created following 22 failed attempts to replicate Wolverine and remove the Y chromosome — hence the name X-23.

X-23 has two claws in each hand and one in each foot. She meets Wolverine and attends Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters before joining up with X-Force. She debuted in the animated series X-Men: Evolution before officially joining the comics in 2004.

If the rumors are true, Laura’s inclusion in the franchise will act as a nice buffer between the First Class trilogy coming to an end and a possibility of a new franchise on the horizon.

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