Watch The Red Band Trailer of Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

The Red Band Trailer for Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates Out Now.

The trailer for the upcoming R-rated comedy shows the comic and raunchy side of the cast as they deliver over the top punches and bits.

Two months ago, we got our first look at the Zac Efron and Adam Devine starrer Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. It gave us a look at the trouble-making habits of these two bad boys and how they are tricked by two girls to get a trip to Hawaii when they are asked by their sister to bring nice girls as wedding dates.

The red band trailer of the movie was released recently and features scenes from the first trailer as well as some new scenes. The trailer essentially starts from Mike and Dave’s sister asking them to bring dates to her wedding because their history at family gatherings is really bad and she hopes that bringing dates will tone them down.

They both decide to take her request seriously and go on TV to ask any ‘nice girls’ to go to Hawaii as their dates.
Cue in Aubrey Plaza and very skinny (as if she wasn’t already), Anna Kendrick as slumpy, very garish looking girls who see an opportunity to go to Hawaii and decide to look respectable for their con.

They then trick their meeting with the boys and score the dates to Hawaii where they start to show their true colors including making racial puns, cussing at children in the pool, drinking, doing drugs, mountain biking and the boys figure out that they have been had.

Now competing with them, they end up making a ‘bad waffle’ out of the bride’s face and they start to get blamed for everything that the girls do given their history at events.

Meanwhile the girls let the horses loose and even loosen the bride with a very odd masseuse. Ending with some very sexual comments and a new sexual term explanation, the movie seems somewhere in the same alley as Wedding Crashers featuring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn.

The movie has been directed by Jake Szymanski and it may be in the same league as his other endeavors in comedy.

Watch below the trailer.

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