Sony Officially Announces New Emoji Movie at CinemaCon

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Sony announces its new project Emoji Movie and reveals plot details with hope of getting sponsorship from smartphone app companies.

Really? They might look cool on the phones but a whole feature film? This is what most people might be thinking when Sony Pictures announced that they have recently acquired the rights and working on the Emoji Movie.

It was a fierce battle between different studios but Sony Pictures was able to win the bid for the rights to make an Emoji Movie. The title is still up for discussion.

The original pitch and screenplay was presented by the writing duo of Eric Siegel and animation veteran Anthony Leondis.

Much like the Lego Movie and Wreck It Ralph, the movie features the emojis in the Emoji Valley in a smartphone. They are all inside the smartphone and we will see how they work when we are using an emoji during our messaging.

The plot of the movie will revolve around the emoji characters leaving the Emoji Valley to explore other apps on the smartphone.

They are said to be streaming in a boat in a music app for streaming music. Reportedly, Spotify has already contacted to get the representation in the movie.

Sony has also encouraged other apps to collaborate with the studio as they will formulate the story around the exploration of apps by the emojis.

Sony Pictures Animation President Kristine Belson presented the movie concept for the audience who were impressed by the movie concept and plot.

Sony chairman Tom Rothman emphasized that Sony Pictures first goal was fresh and original content and it will try to produce some light hearted and entertaining content for its viewers.

According to ScreenCrush, the studio also announced that it will be producing a Spider Man feature, The Smurfs movie and The Lamb.

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