Sony To Make Men in Black And Jump Street Crossover Movie Titled MIB 23

Credit: ScreenRant

Sony Gives the Go Ahead for the Men In Black and Jump Street Crossover.

Sony representatives have indicated that they are interested in making the crossover between the alien related comedy and the Tatum-Hill comedy.

Back in 2014, there was an email that got released by the Korean hacker which was a communication between Amy Pascal and Jonah Hill. Jonah floated the idea of having Jump Street crossover with Men in Black.

We know that Jump Street was aspiring to adopt many themes for sequels and Men in Black seemed like a good idea before it got released on the internet and even faced some criticism.

The Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones starrer is a cult hit among fans and having it meshed up with a R-rated comedy franchise might not have sounded like a good idea.

However people at Sony Pictures thought it would be an interesting concept and that’s why they had Rodney Rothman write a script for the idea as well.

Reportedly, the script has come out great and the movie is looking like a bright prospect in the world of Sony Pictures in which Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill will be reprising their role as Jenko and Schmidt.

ScreenRant reported that the studios have however confirmed that the original cast for Men in Black Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones will not be returning to play Agent J and Agent K respectively.

So we can sense that Jneko and Schmidt are most likely to take the reins from the older agents and fight off some aliens or something else.

So the project has not yet been confirmed and Sony spokesperson are not saying anything about the project as well but there is a very solid word travelling that Sony will be eyeing the July production period for the crossover and the younger cast members will definitely bring in some freshness to the Sony camp which seems to be the motto for the company.

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