Marvel’s Doctor Strange Teaser Trailer Premieres: Watch Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sorcerer Supreme in Action

Audience get a first look at what to expect from the new Marvel’s Doctor Strange in the first trailer release.

We have to thank Live with Jimmy Kimmel for being the platform that has given us so many premieres for movies especially the Marvel Studio movies.

Chris Evans debuted the first trailer of Captain America Civil War on the show as well. So it was the show where we got our first glimpse of Marvel’s Doctor Strange teaser trailer.

This is Marvel’s first venture in the world of mystique and magic. Also known as Sorcerer Supreme, the trailer gives us a first glimpse of what we can expect from the journey of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Stephen Strange as he survives a car accident and goes on to train and becomu his character Doctor Strange.

Breaking down the trailer, we see Dr. Stephen Strange in a drowning car where the mirror is cracked and a voice sounds in the back offering him advice that he should forget everything he knows.

We then see the figure of Dr. Strange slowly going in a temple with a backpack as he runs his hands across the ancient cylinders as a woman voice tells him that he had been looking at the world through a keyhole.

We see the time when a very bruised Dr. Strange is being escorted on a stretcher and we catch a glimpse of Rachel McAdams who is rumored to be playing the Night Nurse. We then see Strange hearing the voice saying that he had spent his life trying to widen the keyhole by saving numerous lives and the voice says that his life as a neurosurgeon is one of his realities.

We then see Doctor Strange with a very haggard beard following a man who looks somewhat like a samurai as he replies that he doesn’t believe in chakras or energies. Doctor Strange finally reaches a temple where he meets a very bald Tilda Swinton playing the Ancient One and she sees possibility in Doctor Strange’s future. She land a karate cut at his chest and energy disperses out of him.

His energy is separated from his body and then the whole trailer starts to some together as we get a look at our villain who might either be Nightmare or Dormammu played by Mads Mikkelsen. With some very Inception/Hannibal alternate universe related montages and Chiwetel Ejiofor’s Mordor giving a stern stare, Doctor Strange asks the Ancient One to teach him what he doesn’t know.

The trailer is nothing like we have ever seen before from the Marvel Universe. Almost looking like a collection of scenes from movies we have seen in the past, the expectation from the movie is tenfold and we hope that the plot of the movie is great because Marvel cannot just rely on the epic cast to carry the movie through.

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