Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool Inspires Kids With Cancer

Credit: Ryan Reynolds Instagram

Ryan Reynolds revealed that he found out that many children with cancer looked up to the R-rated Deadpool character for flipping over his cancer diagnosis.

After years of making Deadpool a real time movie, Ryan Reynolds and the producers of the movie were not compromising on the language, sexual references and badass fight scenes which earned the movie its R-rated status from the censor boards. However, the movie became a commercial hit and the sequel is already in play where Ryan Reynolds will render his skills to reprise his role as Wade Wilson/Deadpool.

While the second movie happens, Ryan Reynolds is finding out the meaning of what being a hero truly mean even though Deadpool is yet to learn that lesson. Amid winning awards and appearing on multiple events, Reynolds revealed that he found out that his character Wade Wilson was an inspiration to children with cancer.

In an interview he said that he had been meeting with children with the help of Make A Wish Foundation. The children afflicted and battling cancer find Wade’s character very relatable as he was also diagnosed with cancer and flipped like a bird about it. He said that this was something that the children really found synonymous to how they felt. Most of these kids never saw the movie and for good measure because what happened to Wade after he got diagnosed with cancer might have terrified them but his resilience is inspiring all the same.

Reynolds added that he wish he could wear his Deadpool costume to the hospital to bring more inspiration to the kids but since his costume mostly consists of weaponry, he will never be able to pass through the hospital security check. He said that Captain America has his shield and Thor has his hammer which might not be as dangerous as the semi-automatic guns and swords that are a part of the Deadpool costume. He said he is working on his costume to make it more hospital friendly.

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