Marvel Will Reveal Director and Cast for Captain Marvel This Summer


Marvel Most Probable to Confirm Filmmaker and Cast for Captain Marvel.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige says that the studio will confirm the cast and the filmmaker for the new Captain Marvel movies.

In a press conference for Captain America Civil War, Chris Evans was adamant that Marvel studios were doing a great job making great movies and they should not stop because no one could copy them.

Chris might have been answering the speculative questions of many people out there who are asking what Marvel will do once all the current franchises will come to an end.

Yes, Captain America Civil War is the third and last part in the Captain America franchise, Thor will also be coming to an end followed by the last movie in The Avengers franchise.

So what will be next other than a new Spider Man movie and Benedict Cumberbatch featuring Doctor Strange? There are also fails like the 2015 Fantastic Four adaptation that failed on the box office or will Marvel continue to make kick-ass seasons of superheroes like Daredevil and Jessica Jones on Netflix?

All of these questions got answered when Marvel Studios President Kevin Fiege talked with i09 about the latest news on the first main female superhero, Captain Marvel.

According to iO9, Fiege said that the studios have the whole movie plan panned out and the first movie to get the go ahead is Captain Marvel. He said that they will surely be announcing the filmmaker and the cast for the movie later this year.

The most probable venue to make the announcement is the Comic Con in San Diego where all Marvel fans head out to every year. Disney is not holding their D23 Expo this year which means that the Comic Con will be the perfect venue.

The reason that Marvel might not be confirming was the probability that contracts or deals might not get finalized in time for Comic Con announcement.

Fiege assured fans that they will announce the filmmaker before they announce the cast as we know how important a filmmaker is for setting the tempo for the whole movie. Meanwhile, fans are having fun wondering who will get the coveted role. Favorites include Natalie Dormer, Emily Blunt and Charlize Theron.

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