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The official final trailer of the much hyped Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was just released. The trailer shows some new and previously shown clips from the upcoming film.

As expected the trailer is action packed but focuses more on Batman. It seems the last bid to promote the DC film is to focus on Batman. The trailer highlights the vulnerability and the strength of Batman at the same time.

The trailer starts with Batman in action but then cuts to Alfred. Alfred in his unique way hints the Dark Knight may not be up to the gruelling task ahead (fighting Superman).

However the trailer also shows instances where the Batman has found a way to fight Superman. Batman is seen repelling the blows of Superman.

Anyone who has ever heard of Superman knows the superhero is indestructible. So to see Batman fighting as an equal has taken the stakes even higher. 

Even before the trailer the official Twitter page of the movie released a new teaser image. The image shows Bruce Wayne standing in the rubble of a collapsed Wayne tower.

The destruction is the result of the battle at the end of Man of Steel. The image adds a new perspective as to why Batman hates Superman so fiercely. In the image Batman as Bruce Wayne is shown as just a man.

A man standing among the debris of Wayne Financial. The man seems sad, vulnerable and defeated. It shows how Batman is the underdog in the epic battle.

The quite moment is a representation of how the battle is for a normal person. The teaser trailer and image is probably the last before ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ hits theatres in March.

Watch below the final trailer of Batman v Superman. 

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