Jem and the Holograms: Harold Perrineau Slams Daughter’s Critics

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Harold Perrineau just penned an open essay for The Wrap defending his daughter. The essay calls out all those critics who attacked Harold’s daughter for her skin color. Harold’s daughter Aurora Perrineau was just cast in the film Jem and the Holograms.

Since the casting was announced many critics called out the 20 year old actress for not being black enough for the role. Aurora’s mother is white and critics have not been kind to the fact.

Critics expressly lashed out that Aurora was not fit to portray an African-American character. Since Aurora is only half-black. Jem and the Holograms is an animated series which is being adapted into a live action film. 

Harold told the critics to stop calling his daughter not black enough for the role. It seems pap bear is sticking up for his daughter. Harold explains he is very angry in the essay but people will understand his anger.

Since Harold explains his anger is justified because his ‘CHILD’ is being attacked. According to Harold his daughter is being harshly and unfairly judged. Especially when she should be celebrating her accomplishment.

Harold further claims he is baffled by the articles being written on his daughter’s skin color. Even the social media response has been an outrage for the 52 years old father.  Harold shares some articles even go as far as to suggest his daughter should kill herself for getting the role. 

Harold further wrote people should stop looking to Hollywood to set definition standards. Harold hopes his essay makes the haters focus more time on spreading positive energy. Rather than tearing each other down. 


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