Vin Diesel Holds Flaming Sword at The Last Witch Hunter Premiere

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The 48 year old Fast series protagonist, Vin Diesel is a muscle man. He has starred in high end action related film roles throughout his career. Known for his muscular and athletic build and his rough aura, the star sets off all the right ticks there is to love about an action hero.

Even this action hero is a human. A human who is disturbed by the body shaming and extensive invasion of privacy by the paparazzi. He called paparazzi and negative feedback ‘the dark side of fame.’

The star feels that the negative responses to anyone on the internet is just hurting for anyone or everyone who faces it. Anyone who needs to put down someone to make themselves feel better is not the best of people.

He said that fame gives people an uncompromised license to criticize celebrities. His latest photo from Miami where he is looking down from his hotel balcony was criticized for his bulging belly and many body shamers took an opportunity to criticize him.

He is not letting the negativity get the best of him. He said that despite having so many bad things to read that people have said, the positivity always outweighs it. He said that the support and love that he gets from his fans is so empowering and enlightening that the negative feedback just fades away.

Vin interacts with his fans directly through multiple social media forums. It is this love that makes him attempt more badass things on screen and off-screen as well. 

Like the premiere of The Last Witch Hunter in London. Diesel supported a flaming sword on the red carpet that his character wields in the movie. He plays an immortal witch hunter tasked with stopping the covens of New York City from accomplishing their plans to destroy humanity. 

Vin talked about the flaming sword afterwards saying that the production strapped on a propane tank on his back and handed him what will be the flaming sword and then they lit the sword on fire.

He told People that he’d look over to his left and see eight firemen with fire extinguishers. That would make him realize that they were not in choreography school anymore. This was the real thing and God forbid if he’d be off just a couple of inches he’d be a goner. With plenty of practice in the movie, Vin easily supported the sword on the red carpet. 

The Last Witch Hunter hits theaters Oct. 23. The movie also stars Michael Caine and Game of Thrones’ Rose Leslie. 

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