Disney Movies Anywhere Adds Amazon and Microsoft

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It is a rare announcement alright. As Marvel releases its Avengers: Age of Ultron, Disney Movies Anywhere (DMA) has joined hands with Amazon and Microsoft. And a host of applications are included in the deal as well.

Now you can view your favorite Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars films from the comfort of your living room. Those who are members of Amazon Video and Microsoft Movies & TV can avail this offer anytime. The Microsoft Xbox 360 and the Amazon Fire Tablet can be used in synch with these arrangements. 

The middle of September is the launch date for this systemic service. Disney’s Cinderella is to be released in theaters then. The DMA app will be available on Roku and Android TV too. DMA works in conjunction with iTunes, Google Play and VUDU as well.

The president of Disney Home Entertainment, Janice Marinelli spoke of how it was a moment of pride for the western fun factory. The addition of new partners to Disney’s repertoire spelled good times ahead. 

“We’re thrilled to bring these new partners to Disney Movies Anywhere, expanding its reach into the living room and beyond with an unprecedented Disney experience that is both easy and fun,” said Janice Marinelli, President, Disney/ABC Home Entertainment & Television Distribution.

“As consumers seek to build their digital libraries and protect their purchases for the long term, Disney Movies Anywhere makes it easier than ever to buy once and watch anywhere.”

The consumer base can virtually build digital libraries and archives for entertaining viewing. All they will have to do is select the appropriate service and avail its manifold amenities. It is all facilitating and great fun to boot.

Once you buy the service, you can watch the stuff anywhere you prefer. Until last year, iTunes was the only platform that Disney could plug into. But today thanks to a little wheeling and dealing, Amazon and Microsoft are its partners in progress. And the really wonderful thing is that the consumers get entertained beyond their expectations.     

Watch the big movies such as Big Hero 6, Guardians of the Galaxy or Monsters Inc. They are all readily available on the platform. Basically, Disney has got a cloud connect service system in place. It is a complex hub of all things related to entertainment and information. And it works beautifully.

Such great animated films as Frozen and Cinderella will make audiences cry tears of sympathy and empathy. Fire TV and Fire TV Stick are among the long list of novel apps that operate on the platform. DMA got launched towards the beginning of 2014. And today it is a name to be reckoned with. 


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