Bill Murray will Cameo in Ghostbusters Reboot

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Bill Murray wants to be a part of the actions again. Even if the part will be relatively small in the form of a cameo. It has been confirmed Bill Murray will be making a cameo in the reboot of Ghostbusters. 

The upcoming film contains an all-female cast. Ghostbusters reboot is probably the most anticipated film of 2016. 

Murray is apparently not afraid of cameos. He was the star of the original Ghostbusters movies. The upcoming film is being directed by Paul Feig. 

The reboot of Ghostbusters will be released on the 22nd of July in 2016. Even though the film is slated to be released next year filming has started.

The news was confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter. Bill Murray played the character of Dr. Peter Venkman in the original films. Murray appeared as Dr. Venkman in two films.

The first Ghostbusters film was released in 1984 . While the second was released in 1989 entitled Ghostbusters II. 

Although Murray had made secret of the fact he will not be appearing in another instalment of the original films. Murray may be returning for a cameo because it will be just a small role. 

Earlier in the 2015 Murray revealed to David Letterman he isn’t going to make another Ghostbusters. The reason Murray gave is the second instalment was not well received by critics and box office. 

The Ghostbusters reboot stars Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. Chris Hemsworth has also been added to the cast. 


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