Fantastic Four Flops as Josh Trank Slams his own Movie

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It’s a bad beginning for The Fantastic Four. Josh Trank’s movie tanked at the North American box office. In fact, its ratings hit an all-time low. It screened in almost 4000 theaters. And it grossed a meager $11 million.

As for the critical reviews, they cut it down to size too. Also, remarks by Josh Trank are leading to a bad image of the movie in the minds of the viewers. And Trank’s rash behavior on set was also cause for concern. This is the worst debut of a superhero film to ever hit the charts, according to THR.

The only dismal film to compare it to is The Green Hornet which came out four years ago. The Gift will be beating Ricki and the Flash in the current movie mayhem. As for Josh Trank, he is a weirdo alright.

His tweet hit his movie hard. It said that he thought he could have done better. But things didn’t work out as per plan. But that is reality. With such a pathetic tweet how could people have any faith in the process.

The reactions to his tweet ranged from the surprised to the shocked. And a few got flabbergasted. Why did he act in such a self-destructive manner. What was the meaning of this nihilistic message on Twitter.

He was wallowing in self-pity and self-loathing. Josh Trank had made his movie even more of a celluloid pariah. Such is Hollywood where you cannot practice radical honesty. The truth hurts. But even more than that, it hurts the truth-teller. Even a much-criticized film such as Mortdecai had more positive reviews. 

All the PR built across so many months of hard work had gone down the drain. Trank tried to undo the damage but it was too late by then. The die has been cast and his film is in the pits by now. There is no way to bring back the right image.

Once you mar impressions, there is no going back. Maybe entertainment has a lot to do with the element of surprise. But it also has a lot to do with the cumulative fame of a movie. When you speak such trash about your own movie how can you expect people to come in droves to watch it.   


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