Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation Rules Weekend Box Office

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Tom Cruise is Ethan Hunt since almost 20 years now. 52-year-old Tom Cruise is apparently immune against aging.  We can expect at least another 10 years of Impossible Missions.

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation had  huge opening weekend with $56 million (estimated). It leaves Vacation and Ant-man far behind, with $14.5m and $12.6m respectively.

The previous Mission Impossible movie had a $30m opening weekend.


After IMF got dismantled by Washington officials including CIA Chief (Alec Baldwin). Hunt must face a new enemy called “The Syndicate.” They built an organization similar to IMF in the shadow.  There is a secret IMF counter organization, a rogue nation. 

Besides Tom Cruise his IMF team members Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg and Ving Rhames are back in Rogue Nation. 

Rebecca Ferguson joins as newcomer. Christopher McQuarrie is directing.

The first Mission Impossible movie was released in 1996. It had the iconic action scene where Ethan Hunt was suspending from the ceiling to hack a computer. Overall the Mission Impossible Franchise has generated more than $2 billion worldwide at the box office.

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