Marlon Brando’s Documentary Shows Never-Before-Heard Side of the Actor

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Marlon Brando was unarguably one of the most charismatic, stylish and influential actors in the history of film. His performances in “A Streetcar Named Desire”, “Julius Caeser”, “On the Waterfront” and “The Godfather” testify that he was a phenomenal actor – absolutely one of a kind.

But a new documentary about Marlon Brando reveals a rather dark and dismal side of the actor, a side that has never heard of. “Listen to Me Marlon” shows the life of a man who went through personal tragedies, whose mother was alcoholic and often brought to home from bars by her husband, his father was physically abusive, always harsh and hostile towards him, his daughter Cheyenne took her life when her lover was killed by Brando’s son Christian after a confrontation, for which his son was sentenced to prison. Brando could not get rid of all those memories. They kept haunting him throughout his life,

“Listen to Me Marlon” is compiled from those hundreds of hours of private audio tapes that Marlin Brando recorded over the course of his life. The story is told entirely in his own voice and in his own perspective. There are no interviews. No opinions from other people. There is nothing except Brando who is charting his exceptional career and telling the unseen and unheard stories of his personal life. Historical footages and clips from his films are also interspersed in the 95-minute documentary.

 “Listen to Me Marlon” is the ultimate documentary, letting us explore the complexities of a man who is famous, looks tough and authoritative but away from the screen who is alone, lacks self-esteem and struggles to leave painful memories behind. 

The documentary has been screened in various film festivals and will open in theaters on July 29.


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