Tom Cruise Is Nothing Like What He Has Been Portrayed As, Says Simon Pegg

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Tom Cruise is among those actors who are admired a lot by their co-stars. Most of Tom’s fellow artists will say nothing but good things about the actor.

Simon Pegg, who has worked alongside Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and previous two installments, is also one of them.

“I love Tom. I love working with him because he’s a really interesting person,” the 45-year old British actor told E! Online. “I feel really privileged to get to see the real man, you know? There’s a lot of mythology about him, a lot of speculation about the kind of myth that surrounds him that people are very keen to believe.”

Simon believes Tom Cruise is different from what people generally think of him. “Top Gun” star is “far more human” when met in person.

“When you actually meet the man himself, he’s different. He’s far more human. He’s very fun. He’s kind of vulnerable and he’s a human being, and it’s great to see.”

But, Tom can dive into that powerful persona whenever he wants.

“I say to him, I say, ‘Do Tom Cruise.’ And he puts his glasses on and smiles. ‘There’s Tom Cruise! And he knows it. It’s a brilliant capacity to have. He’s cultivated a certain kind of persona which enables him to be the movie star that he is, but at the heart of it is a human being.”

Tom Cruise and Simon Pegg’s Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation is set to release on July 31. Tom is reprising the famous role of IMF agent Ethan Hunt in latest installment while Simon Pegg is playing IMF technician Benji Dunn, a character which had been introduced in 2006’s Mission Impossible III. The movie also stars Rebecca Ferguson, Jeremy Renner and Alec Baldwin as Alan Hunley. 

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