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We all know about the recent movie that has minions in it. Little children absolutely love them and in the movie it is shown that minions in turn adore bananas. Then the legitimate question is will the tykes admire banana flavored minions. General Mills which is the mother company of the cereal brand wants the image of its food product to change. And the movie will play a definitive role in improving the ratings of the cereal. 

The movie shows that minions just go “bananas” when they see bananas. The cereal already has so many flavors in it from berry blast to cinnamon and vanilla. Now finally an all-new banana flavor is being added to the ever-expanding list. Someone remarked that the flavor tasted more like fruit salad. And while most folks loved their minions, the small size of the printed minions on the cereal was not discernible by the naked eye. This was the only gripe anyone had against the cereal. And although there are no artificial colors in it, there are plenty of preservatives. Besides this, it is very sweet, so it might add to the already looming obesity crisis. 

Meanwhile, McDonalds denied that its minions toys used any swear words in their repertoire. Rather the sound that came out of their mouths was just random nonsense syllables. It was a sort of gibberish and psychobabble. This occurred after many guardians and patrons complained that their children were being spoilt and influenced in the wrong way by these toys from McDonalds Happy Meals. The Minions movie is to premiere today. It is a sequel to the Despicable Me film which came out half a decade ago.  

However, one customer of McDonalds said that he could clearly hear some mighty huge profanities in the sounds coming out of these tiny critters. He said that he wouldn’t want his kids to speak to him in such a manner after copying the “minions talk”. Several parents couldn’t believe their ears when they actually heard these minions engaged in foul trash talk with their kids.

It is indeed a moral hazard and one that should be brought under control as fast as possible. The moral health of the nation is at stake. Already the immoral mass media does a good job of spreading filth and dirt (think Madonna). With our kids having their childhood days destroyed by curse words, it will surely be the last straw that broke the camel’s back. 

The movie is slated to make $140 million at the box office. It is going to be a wonderful experience though. The parents will love seeing it in addition to the kids.  The nation of South Korea is in on the deal and a writer from that democratic land will be lending his talents to the movie makers. Another movie titled “Johnny Express” will be coming out soon as well. It is set in the year 2150. The spaceship that is shown in it is really cool to behold. 

According to E! News, Minions shows the three little fellows fighting for their lives. They undergo the adventure of a lifetime as they traverse the surreal and the super-real. There are heroes and villains. And Sandra Bullock is in the movie so it will be a treat to see for her fans that go into the hundreds of thousands. Finally, the minions will get to star in their own movie which is a great opportunity indeed. These small yellow capsules with goggles over their eyes will amuse audiences to no end. 

Meanwhile, Rottentomatoes is a site that says that Minions is funny but flimsy. Besides Sandra Bullock there is John Hamm in the movie. The evil mastermind Gru is featured as the main obstacle in the path of the minions. While it is a cute movie and visually appealing, somewhere the plot tends to falter and stumble and fall. 

The Hollywood Reporter says that the voice of Sandra Bullock as the new villain is such that it brings out the bad girl in her personality alright. And after Despicable Me 2 earning a cool $970 million on a worldwide level, the Minions movie is not to be left behind.   

Avclub plainly states that it was a forced franchise. It was a ruse to extend the brand name of minions as a fruit salad cereal beyond the slowing sales in the market. The movie Minions, according to the site, has quite a few flaws one of which is that it is ineffectual and sloppy. The weakness lies in the whole structure of the story. 

As for the roots of the film they are idiosyncratic at best. And WSJ uttered the words that the movie had a form but no content whatsoever. 

Washington Times wrote the fact that Minions was just about bright yellow creatures and had a silly and superficial narrative that might appeal to fourth graders but held nothing in store for a mature individual. 

However, LATimes spoke of how the movie had a golden irresistible wonky touch that made it an unforgettable experience. In fact, it opined that the legitimate question was that who couldn’t love such a wonderful movie. 

CBC declared that while the Minions just spouted gibberish, the movie did appeal to kids since they were at such an innocent stage of their development. The yellow misfits engaged in all sorts of adventurist schemes that amused and amazed the young audiences. 

Time sensed the apparent fact that these things called minions are virtually everywhere. They are a universal force by now thanks to clever marketing and focused advertising. And today being Friday, the date when the film will premiere, it will make the mare go as far as its pervasive influence on the little children is concerned. 

And last but not least, The Economic Times expatiated on how it had been a good month for animation. Indeed, seeing Minions on the big screen was a dream come true for many hyperactive kids. Kevin, Stuart and Bob would skip, hop and prance about doing their own thing as the kids laughed and then laughed some more at their strange antics. 

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