Elodie Yung Will Play Elektra in Daredevil Season 2

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Elodie Yung is joining the cast of the Daredevil season 2

G.I. Joe: Retaliation actress will play the character of ninja assassin Elektra in the upcoming Daredevil season, streaming on Netflix next year. 

Jeph Loeb, executive producer and head of Marvel Television announced it on Tuesday. “After a worldwide search, we found in Elodie the perfect actress to embody both Elektra’s impressive and deadly physicality, as well as her psychological complexity.”

Based on the Marvel’s comic book of the same name, the Netflix series tells the story of accidently blind Matt Murdock who is a lawyer by day and a crime-fighter (Daredevil) at night. With beyond normal abilities, he is on a mission to fight against crime and to clean up Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of New York City.

Elektra Natchios, who is making a debut in the second season of Daredevil, is created by famous graphic novel writer Frank Miller. The character first appeared in 1981 as the love interest of Matt Murdock. Eleckra is known to be a fighter and for having a mysterious and violent nature. In the 2003 film and 2005 spinoff “Elektra”, the character is portrayed by Jennifer Garner.

Charlie Cox, who also appeared in the first season, will reprise the role of Matt Murdock in the upcoming season as well. “Paired with Charlie as Matt Murdock, the two will bring one of the most beloved and tumultuous comic book relationships to life with all the accompanying sparks and spectacular action sequences the show is known for.” Loeb said. 

Other characters, who are returning for second season are, Karen Page, Foggy Nelson and Claire Temple. Besides Elektra, another character is making a debut in the next season and it is the violent antihero Punisher/Frank Castle, who kills all of his enemies in a torturous manner and it will be played by John Bernthal (The Walking Dead and The Wolf of Wall Street). In fact, the next season is expected to be a Daredevil vs. Punisher kind of a season where both famous comic book characters will take on each other. 

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