Daddy’s Home Trailer: Will Ferrell vs Mark Wahlberg

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The first full length trailer for the comedy ‘Daddy’s Home’ has been released by Paramount Pictures. According to the trailer ‘Daddy’s Home’ is a comedy about a father and a stepfather fighting with each other for the affection of their children.

The trailer starts with Will Ferrell as Brad, as he is shown to be really excited to be a stepfather to his new wife’s two kids. All seems to be going well and Ferrell appears to be a good mild mannered stepfather, until the children’s biological father Dusty played by Wahlberg comes to visit them all types of daddy wars are waged.

While Brad goes to the airport to pick Dusty up a Spanish man tells him Dusty is his superior in every way after looking at the biological father. What follows are antics by both the biological dad and the step-dad whilst trying to be the best in their children’s eyes.

One of the most hilarious scenes in the movie is when Dusty asks his children to love someone in the room, while Brad is present there, but it turns out to be a puppy to Brad’s dismay. In another hilarious scene Will Ferrell’s character strikes a cheerleader across her face with a basketball, and the hit has already gone viral on social media.

Before the trailer was released Will Ferrell compared the film to the hilariously famous film ‘Meet the Parents’ and related how it also works on the same path. Mark Wahlberg on the other hand shared he is extremely excited to do another comedy film with Will Ferrell, because he knows Ferrell will always have his back and its easier to look ridiculous with Ferrell.

Watch below the hillarious fight between Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg in first trailer of Daddy’s Home.


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